Soups, Sides, Songs, & Scripture:
FBC Women's Mentoring Program


Our program is modeled after a now international initiative designed by Betty Huizenga, author, and founder of Apples of Gold.  It is based on an intentionally intergenerational model and is conducted by mature women to encourage younger women to grow in Christ.   The scripture basis for the inspiration for the program comes from Titus 2:3-5.  Attendees range from those who are engaged, newly married, married with children and single women, often with children. 


Classes will be held at the First Baptist Church, and we will be serving different soups, sides and desserts in the Hospitality room.  There are six Monday sessions in all, beginning March 21 through April 25.  We will begin our first class at 5:45PM on March 21 so we have a bit of extra time to share information with you.  From March 28-April 25 each evening will begin at 6PM.  Our class times are well structured, starting promptly and ending no later than 9PM. 


This is for moms, wives, and soon to be wives.


You can expect to feel pampered, loved, and enriched as you experience community, camaraderie, and companionship.  In addition to eating and visiting around the table, we will have a demonstration related to an aspect of homemaking or other gems of wisdom our mentors wish to share.  One of our mentors will teach scripture songs, and we will then launch into our Bible study.  Lessons include the topics of Kindness, Loving your Husband, Loving your Children, Submission, Purity and Hospitality.  These lessons are led by the mentors.  You will receive a lesson book, and we do want you to complete the lessons so you can engage in the conversation around each topic. At the end of the session, we hold a Celebration Dinner, including spouses/ significant others.  It is scheduled for Friday, April 29.
It is the only evening that babysitting is available.


There is no fee for this course.  The older mentor women simply want to provide a time for you to come and to be fed!


If you want to register for the spring session or have more classes, click here to email the Program Coordinator.