Covid-19 Church Guidelines

Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate the ever-changing safety guidelines placed by the CDC. Our desire is to provide a safe place for all of us to
worship on Sunday mornings.  Our first concern is still for the safety of all at risk adults and children who attend or visit our church. This may mean many
of us that are considered safe will need to take some precautions to protect others even though we may not need that
protection ourselves. That being said we can also make significant changes to make our time at the church more enjoyable and relaxed.

Precautions We Are Following

Precautions that are no longer needed

  • Registering for services and checking in
  • Taking temperatures on entering
  • Capacity of rooms will return to normal
  • Singing without a mask-
    • Those in the mask optional area do not need to wear masks.
  • Entering only through the Crossing entrance 
    •  You will now be able to use either the Crossing or Sanctuary entrances as we have in the past.  The office entrance will not be open.

Precautions we are still doing

  • Offering and communion.
    • These will remain the same at least for now.
  • Ushering to your seats
    • This will continue until we have adjusted to the new seating system (masked and mask optional areas)
  • Coffee and donuts
    •   We will start to serve coffee  and donuts as soon as our teams are ready to do so. 
  • Adult Sunday School Classes
    •  All are welcome back as they feel safe, some are already meeting so will do hybrid meetings and others are all in person.
  • Children’s programs are returning but are in dire need of volunteers to make it happen
  • Youth programs are moving forward also

Mask Wearing & Social Distancing:

We ask that you continue to wear your mask and social distance until you are seated or are in your Sunday School classroom.

We also ask that you wear them around those who need protection such as our children and others who are trying to stay safe.

We thank you for your willingness to follow
these guidelines and look forward to seeing you!